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while we’re trying

because we can say things other people can’t
because we are real
because we care
because we don’t care
about stupid stuff
because we have ideas
coming out the ying yang

because we can code
and no I don’t mean that code
although some uv us (like me)
can do a bit o dat too
(more on that l8r)
we can speak the code
of imagery
we see past the idolatry
because I am me

we are the ultimate rhetoricians
and I actually had rhetoric in my degree
but i’m stuck in a fame-freeze
a frame-freeze
liquid nitrogen emotional spill
the yellow cake tastes really good
riding the current in my rubber wheel
swiftly down the st.laurent I float
perdre la raison

I am from Toronto
look at me, look at me
I am here.

Walk around me.
I am a tank.
I am a killer.
I transfer my body odour into toxic fumes
I am subsumed.

why do we need poets,
to look at the big picture, when we already know it,
why their cynicism attempts to de-rail us
collisions & carnage only broadcast once
never to remind us of the wasteland
we live in
the junk carts
and the has beens.

all of a sudden the news is very, very bad
saudis have pulled out of iran
putin claims we are the eneemy we hear
we see him hunt and fish and swear

we relate to the haters
we understand we are lucky bitches
gratitude and humour and positive attitude stickers
scratch and sniff to win the big one
planet is dying while we’re trying to steal some
sun for the mars that haunts our nightmares
waking to find that it isn’t over yet


So I’ve always wanted to offer poems to people through the phone. Once, a long time ago, I conceived of a dial-a-poem idea that I thought would be cool, like the dial-a-joke idea. I didn’t really have a way to do this before but now I do.

I decided to begin with a text poem though because that just feels right for me at the moment. I will be lauching a voice recording of poems offer at some point but for now I’m focused on seeing how the text poem goes.

So basically I set up a free Twilio account with a new phone number that I can manage online through OpenVBX, an open source software I installed through my server, Dreamhost’s one click install. This interface is really self-explanatory allowing me to program endless options into my own virtual sms, voice and mms call centre. When I’m ready, I’ll spend a buck a month for the number and a fraction of a cent for calls and texts through this number (that could ultimately be programed to save me money plus allow me to have toll free or local numbers in other areas for new target markets) and lose the little “sent from your twilio trial account” add on to my texts.

As well as gaining new fans of my poetree, allowing me to later tour, perform, sell my poetic works, and generally be recognized as a great poet, I want to offer this voice-over-ip call centre set-up to anyone who wants to use it to get their message out.

Right now I will offer it for the low, low price of $250 or with your own website for $500.

So come on, text me anything at 647-724-2125 and you’ll get my current poem.

If you want to subscribe, just text subscribe and as well as sending you the current poem I will let you know when there are new poems available.

You can also text me your email address to be added to my email list which is the best way of staying in touch with my new poetic (& maybe some social media) developments.


coming soon… the travel poet

something to say

performance + product + publicity + promotions = profit

Do you have something to say and somewhere to say it?

Or maybe you need a place to say it, maybe you need to say it better.

If you want to WOW audiences every time, make an impact and make what you do and say count, let’s talk. You are my ideal client and I want to work with you!

I am offering a never offered before course in creating the life you want as an author.

If you are a performance poet all the better as that’s my area of expertise.

Writing always came easily to me, and taking it to the stage was also a natural move as I had early training and success.

What has been hard is learning to believe in the currency that I carry and step boldly on to the stage hat in hand like the rest of the “entertainment” workers.

I want to help you make the most of your talent and content by helping you set up your monetizations.

Experience the emotional healing that comes from claiming your wealth.

Follow the path to cold hard cash.

zaylaIt warms your palm, it warms your back,

I’ll continue this rhyme, after my morning bath.

zayla, she’s funny, she’s friendly,

she’s insightful, she’s wise

she’s here for the taking

and she doesn’t tell lies.

For more information about this program please fill in this contact form and tell me about yourself. We can discuss your needs during a complimentary consultation.

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